Yesterday Selena Gomez was blocking Justin Bieber from all her devices which, amazingly, is not a euphemism for anything. A reader called Mrs P wrote to me the other day about her "idiot daughter (17) and her idiot boyfriend" trying to break up for the better part of a year as evidence that Selena and JB are the same. And yesterday, upon hearing that Selena was cutting JB off, Mrs P wrote again, wisely offering that, "my idiot daughter ALSO blocked her idiot boyfriend. For about 10 whole days".

Now TMZ reports that JB picked up Selena at LAX on Wednesday night for a sleepover at her place and the next morning (Thursday) they checked into the Four Seasons for a romantic reconciliation. No need then for a retrospective...just yet!

But how long will it last?


The glow of getting back together can be intoxicating. Right now it's all about how their love conquers all. Right now they're telling each other they can get through anything. Right now he's telling her he'll never feel about anyone the way he feels about her.

That usually wears off in a couple of weeks. Maybe a month. And then they'll be following and unfollowing each other on Twitter all over again.