Earlier this week, Justin Bieber posted a throwback photo of himself kissing Selena Gomez. Click here for a refresher. And she wrote back “Perfect”. JB’s been performing in LA this week. Selena was in the audience.

She was also seen backstage hanging out with him and taking photos with people:


Selena tonight! 😍

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Now E! is reporting that while they looked comfortable together, they are not actually back together…yet. Because they’re “talking” about getting back together first. Which is probably not the hottest way to approach it, like I imagine all torrid reconciliations go down, but maybe it’s a smarter way to approach it?

What were the reasons we broke up?
Do those reasons still exist?
If they do, what can we do differently to overcome those challenges?
Are we capable of overcoming those challenges?

I have had these discussions before. I actually had those discussions when I was about their age. For what it’s worth, at that age, I always thought I could. And it never worked out. But you don’t know that until you know it. Which is almost always much later.

But maybe these two are different. In that post from earlier this week, I compared them to Justin and Britney. Those two were irrevocably broken. Their first break was their only break. There was no comeback. They never haunted each other the way Selena and JB seem to be haunting each other. Do I sound like a TwiHard?