Justin Bieber took his ma to the Clippers game for Mother’s Day yesterday. Apparently they booed him when he moved to kiss her. It didn’t deter him. He gave one of his best performances in a long time. And by best, I mean that he was the least annoying that he’s been in a long time. Which isn’t to say that he wasn’t annoying at all. But on the spectrum of how f-cking annoying JB can be, this would be on the lower end of the register, non? Still annoying, of course. Always. Like with all the double hand pointing and the posing and crotch dropping, yes, totally. But he’s set the bar so high with how objectionable he can be, I feel like he managed to dial that sh-t down. Also, maybe he was actually sober.

My favourite part of his appearance at the game yesterday is that he went over and introduced himself to Mahkee Mahk and wife Rhea Durham because it reminds me of the time etalk’s Jessi Cruickshank asked Wahlberg and Durham about JB after the Golden Globes in 2011. Rhea’s bitchface killed Jessi. She was dead. It was IMPRESSIVE. Click here for a refresher.

Oh wait. I just found some shots of JB in a pair of flowered shorts that totally negates what I was just saying earlier about being annoying. So, you know, never mind.