Justin Bieber was caught with what looks like a blunt and now his people are all trying to blame Lil Twist for being a bad influence. (Source) Why is it that when Justin Bieber does something generally perceived as “positive”, no one else gets credit for it?

It’s a page out of the Lindsay Lohan Playbook: never take accountability. It’s another example of why early fame can be so restrictive and, in many cases, so damaging. Because, for one, you don’t give them the chance to experience life - with all its experimentation - in anonymity. Every mistake -- if you can call an 18 year old smoking dope a mistake, which ... um... me, I can’t, really -- is magnified and made permanent and becomes a multimillion dollar business problem. So much money is riding on Justin’s Bieber’s journey to manhood, and this is why, when he f-cks up -- in other words, behaves in a way so many other people his age are behaving -- they immediately start looking for someone else to pin it on. The long term consequence of this, of course, is that he never has to clean up his own mess, and that sense of entitlement continues to grow, until he believes he’s invulnerable and above it all. If he doesn’t already, little sh-t.  

Aaaaaand...then I checked Twitter. And I saw this hashtag: #cuttingforbieber. At first I thought they were cutting class in support of him. But it turns out they’re not cutting class, they’re CUTTING THEMSELVES, some sort of online plea to get him to stop smoking weed.

And now I just want to cry.

(WARNING: if you search the hashtag and see the pictures, they are disturbing.)

Girls. GIRLS. What are we doing???

Attached - Bieber in concert in Utah on Saturday.