Justin Bieber was in Cleveland last night for Game 3 to watch the Cavaliers take game 3. Then he got into a fight outside his hotel. TMZ has video:

The scuffle lasted all of 2 seconds before they ended up in a pile. And TMZ also has photos of Justin immediately afterwards – as you can see, he had to be restrained because you can’t stop him, he’s unstoppable.

About an hour ago, JB posted this photo on Instagram with the caption “not a scratch on this pretty boy”:

That picture has since been pulled down, replaced by this one:


A photo posted by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

That’s his I’m Not The One face. Like it’s supposed to deter you from ever wanting to mess with him, ever. I feel like if I were protected by a team of security wherever I went, I’d be fighting all the f-cking time. To me it’s a mental edge. How hurt could I possibly get if I know my guys are always going to step in and back me up? Still, that kind of observation helps no one. It’s dick talk, dick swinging – the reason we’re here in the first place.

Thing is, Justin Bieber is always going to be a target. Some asshole walking down the street is always going to punk him off or ask for a photo and then punk him off or question his penis size or whatever. And, sure, that sucks for him. But he can’t scrap every single time. More importantly though, if this is his reality, at what point do you have to start learning to live in it, productively and non-violently?

Every drama lately involving Justin Bieber – and it’s been a few months now – has been related to his obvious discomfort with his fame. The meet and greets are cancelled. He’s not taking pictures with fans anymore. He’s hitting back at people on the sidewalk. And yet, being a child of the social media generation, it’s also not in his nature to hide, to be a recluse. Because he was raised on YouTube views and Instagram likes. He can’t not want to be seen, in part because he’s never known what it’s like to not be seen. I wonder if that’s even more terrifying than being seen all the time.