This is my favourite thing that happened today. Maybe my favourite thing that will happen all week.

That’s what Justin Bieber posted on Instagram a couple of hours ago. Now shake off your old lady for a minute. Try. Try to not be old. Instead, you’re 20. And this is stepping up to you from behind. Remember, you are not an old lady. You are young, in the age of social media. You grew up in the era of TMZ.

Are you running? Are you really running? Or are you arching your back and lifting up your ass?


It’s funny!

But not for everyone, I guess.

Emily, the site coordinator here at LaineyGossip, emailed this to me with the title “F-cking Sick”. And not in a good way. Like, she’s almost straight up angry about it.

HE’S SUCH A LOSER is how she responded when I wrote back HAHAHHAHAHAAHA I LOVE THIS.

Sasha and I, on the other hand, can’t get enough of this sh-t. Our conversation has now turned into whether or not we should reassess if Justin Bieber knows how to f-ck.