See, this is the kind of video I prefer. I don’t want to watch deposition video of Justin Bieber being a sh-t to a lawyer. I would rather watch him in a dance studio with Selena Gomez, his “Most Elegant Princess” doing a corny move-by-move interpretation of John Legend’s Ordinary People. COME ON.

We just played this 8 times back to back in the office. It brought us together is what it did. In laughter and joy. Especially his face at the 0:15 second mark. COME ON.

Look at his face at the 0:15 second mark and tell me you’re not happy. TELL ME that didn’t make your f-cking day.

Don’t lie. DO NOT LIE TO ME. You wanted more. We all wanted more!

JB posted these two videos (they were combined in the YouTube below) on Instagram yesterday, then pulled them down right away. Nope. Everything lives forever on the internet. And now we get to watch them making all the romance, timeless addictive romance.

At this point, he has to be an addiction, right? She keeps going back. She went to rehab and she still kept going back. God, what is it? Is it the sex? Ha. A part of you just died, didn’t it? Is it because he calls her baby?