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This is the sh-t that really, REALLY makes me crazy. Like, when did they introduce new rules? People my age didn’t get the update. Is it true that when someone comes to your house now you don’t have to show them respect?

You remember that incident with Justin Bieber wearing overalls when he was being honoured by the Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper? Click here for a refresher. JB’s defence, at the time, was that he was coming from a meet and greet with fans and didn’t have an opportunity to change. My original point was that the PM doesn’t make flybys at concerts and that Team B would have known about the visit well in advance, giving them more than enough time to prepare, and dress accordingly.

So Bieber was on Ellen yesterday -- episode airs today -- and she asked him about the incident. Here’s the transcript and the video is below:

Ellen: So you met the Canadian Prime Minster and you got a lot of attention for that. Which is kind of crazy, right.  You’re like in the middle of a meet & greet.

Justin: Yeah, I’m in a meet and greet.

Ellen: And then you meet the Prime Minister.  And you were criticized because you were dressed like that.

Justin: Yes, in overalls.

Ellen: Overalls, right. But you were doing…

Justin:  I was at my concert. That was at…. I was doing like a meet and greet. Meeting all my fans and stuff and he came to venue where I was performing.

Ellen:  That was at your venue?

Justin:  That was at my venue, yeah.

Ellen: He brings flags with him?

Justin: Yeah, they brought them.

Ellen: Well, that’s not fair because it looks like you went to his office dressed like that.   But he brought flags to make it look like you’re under dressed. That’s not fair.

Justin: I know it wasn’t fair but that was really my event….I really promise if I would of went to his environment. I would have been all done up.

Are you furious? I am furious. There’s a lot to be furious about.

First there’s the word “my” in this context. I’ve mentioned before how gross it is to me at award shows when actors stand up to thank “my cast”. And now there’s an 18 year old referring to “my event” in relation to the Prime Minister. Like Justin Bieber is qualified to “his environment”/ “my environment” with Canada’s head of state. Like, the PM came to Justin’s house, and since Justin was in his own place, it means that it’s ok for him to, you know, dress down.


Is that how it works?

Let’s say the PM is coming over tomorrow to visit me. Like, in the middle of my work day and I’m in between blog postings. Well, according to Justin Bieber logic, I shouldn’t have to get out of my pyjamas.

And he’s making it sound like the PM was there as a goddamn fangirl. Actually, that day, the Prime Minister was there to present Bieber with the Diamond Jubilee Medal. Here’s the description of the honour from the Government of Canada website:

A new commemorative medal was created to mark the 2012 celebrations of the 60th anniversary of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s accession to the Throne as Queen of Canada. The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal is a tangible way for Canada to honour Her Majesty for her service to this country. At the same time, it serves to honour significant contributions and achievements by Canadians.

In other words, this medal represents the recipient’s connection to Her Majesty, relating the recipient’s achievements as a point of pride for Canada to the Queen’s service to our country.

THAT’s why he brought the flags, you little sh-t.

So what does it matter, then, whose f-cking house it is?

At that moment, it certainly wasn’t “his” house.

But the fact that he’s using that excuse as his defence tells you everything about the people around him. You think he came up with that on his own? Please. THEY came up with that for him. The adults in his life, his mother, Scooter Braun, that’s how they rallied around him, to support him.

It’s OK Justin, you did nothing wrong. The PM came to YOU and you were working so you weren’t expected to dress up for him, don’t worry.


So he goes on Ellen and justifies his behaviour. My ma would say that’s a great disservice to a child, you know? To protect them by not correcting them, teaching them that “loving themselves” is more important than “checking themselves”. Like, are we really worried about Justin Bieber’s self esteem???

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