There’s been a lot of talk about Justin Bieber’s management not letting him do any live interviews to promote his new song What Do You Mean because they don’t want him to f-ck up all the gains he’s made the last 6 months during his tour of contrition. Does The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon count as live? It’s live to tape… so… really… they can edit out any issues before they go to air just before midnight. Still, since they’re doing it in front of an audience, I guess it is more of a risk than, say, some of the pre-taped radio interviews he’s been doing. Not that there’s anything to worry about with Fallon. Fallon isn’t Letterman. There really shouldn’t have been any concern there to begin with.

So, assured by Fallon’s safe approach, JB explained why he started crying after his performance at the VMAs the other night. It was because he was “overwhelmed”. The video is below but basically he was working so hard at making you not hate him anymore and the last time he was at an award show he was booed, so when people supported him, he got really emotional and had to bend over and sob. I thought it was contrived, but then again, I’m not into people crying. It can be emotionally manipulative. If you want me to see your point, I’ll respect you more if you make it without tears and use your words. Maybe that’s a super c-nty way of seeing the world though. Maybe compassion is the answer. 

Compassion is what JB’s been after this entire year. Once again he tells Jimmy that he made his mistake, “tested the waters”, and has let go of the “knuckleheads” in his life and is trying to be a good man. You know, I’ll say this for him – most people apologise once and expect you to forgive them immediately. Like a one show concert series. Justin Bieber, on the other hand, is taking this tour of contrition to every stop that will have him. Oh, right. His album is coming out in November. And he’s doing his best to sell it to you. The single has been a big hit so far, even though it’s definitely not as good as Where Are U Now. Still, it’s two solidly performing tracks…one of which can be turned into a country song. He’s actually pretty cute here.

Then there was the drum-off with Questlove and he didn’t suck here either but, come on, Quest totally let him win, right?