This is why I keep comparing Justin Bieber to Lindsay Lohan. Because it's ALWAYS something. It's always chaos. There's always drama. And it's never their fault.

JB went home to Stratford, ON for Labour Day long weekend. He had Selena Gomez with him. They spent time with the family. They're fully back together. That could have been the story, you know? Young lovers irresistible to each other. Possibly toxic for each other. But managing to keep this reconciliation going for longer than they have in quite some time.

Then...a news alert:

"Canadian pop star Justin Bieber faces charges of assault and dangerous driving after a collision involving a minivan and an ATV in southwestern Ontario.

Provincial police say the collision occurred Friday afternoon on Line 40 in Perth East township.

"The driver of the ATV and an occupant of the minivan engaged in a physical altercation," according to a police news release.

Bieber, 20, has been released on a promise to appear and is due to appear in a Stratford court on Sept. 29." (Source)

Soooooo...I know we don't know all the facts... but... if you're in your car and there's an ATV douche-ing around on the regular road, aren't you inclined to side with the regular car? No matter who's driving the ATV. It's such a f-cking dickhead move. A child's move. All the roads are part of his personal play area. My road! My road! This is MY road!