Flex Bieber

Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 27, 2013 16:31:16 November 27, 2013 16:31:16

Justin Bieber is currently on tour in Australia. He just played Brisbane. Here are some photos from the show. As you can see, JB is all about the flex right now. He’s a big boy with big boy muscles. Please look at the big boy and his big boy muscles.

In other big boy muscle news…

Have you seen his new fragrance ad? The scent is called The Key. The story – at least how I read it – is that JB pulls up to a hotel and is given access to a key. And he ends up entering the rooms of 3 different girls, who are sleeping, to slip into their dreams and give them the fantasy they didn’t know they wanted. Some of those fantasies involve sugar and cakes. There’s a lot of squinting into the sunset. This is supposed to be romantic.

I must be old. Because I find this creepy.

Can we break this down?

A boy opens the door to multiple hotel rooms while women are sleeping…!?!

In any conversation it’s creepy! Why aren’t more people finding this creepy? All videos like this do is reinforce the idea that women are just waiting around for men to do sh-t to them. It’s gross. It’s infantalising. It’s dangerous.


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