TMZ posted these photos of a naked Justin Bieber holding a guitar in front of his Bieber at his grandmother’s last year at Thanksgiving. He’d slept in and was late to join family and friends. So, to lighten the moment, he decided to make his entrance wearing no clothing, serenading granny. Everyone laughed, and then she told him to get dressed. It’s a cute moment. It’s one of the few cute stories we’ve had about him in a long, long time.

So we had to “catch” JB nude, with his grandmother, to finally get a positive headline out of him. Is that irony?

Bieber’s fans are currently losing their sh-t on Twitter because they think TMZ violated his privacy. This worries me. Because…

How do you not put it together that these pictures had to have come from him?

There were no paps inside gran’s house. And TMZ has some pretty specific details about what went on inside gran’s house. In other words, a close friend or family member. So, either JB was sold out or… maybe he wanted it out there. Like I said, this isn’t about him speeding in his Ferrari and endangering his neighbours; it’s not about him spitting in people’s faces; it’s not about him throwing down at a club: or smoking weed; or getting drunk; or trying to get drunk but getting kicked out of a bar.

But whatever your selection at the gossip buffet, TMZ is not to blame. If you can’t keep your sh-t tight, TMZ isn’t to blame. If you send out your own leaks, TMZ is not to blame.