Justin Timberlake performed at The Forum in London last night following his performance at the BRIT Awards. Justin Bieber is in London on tour. He showed up for JT’s show. Taking notes?

JT managed to emerge from *NSYNC a proper solo artist. Let’s say...70% of that came on talent. And 30% off Britney Spears. Is that fair? Come on now. You cannot deny that part of the initial intrigue came from their relationship and that he capitalised on it by crying a river. Some would argue that he is STILL riding her train.

Still, no matter how he did it, he is one of the music industry’s biggest names. He is a force. And little J, who is just about to turn 19, aspires to all of it, and more. Bieber has already said he wants to be Michael Jackson. Before he gets to Michael Jackson, he’ll have to surpass Justin Timberlake. If you’re Justin Timberlake, do you give it a little extra up there, in your Tom Ford suit, with your Tom Ford dressed band, and your falsetto, and your finger-snapping, knowing your would-be successor is in the audience, wanting what’s yours?

JT reportedly battled Usher to sign Bieber a few years ago. Clearly Team Bieber did not make the wrong choice but it would be interesting if we could Sliding Doors this situation to see how it would have all turned out differently, better or worse or the same, if he’d gone with Pipsqueak Entertainment.

And on the romance front, JT was accompanied last night by his wife, Mrs Timberlake, and JB apparently had this girl with him -- see below.