In my post on Selena Gomez and The Weeknd yesterday, I ended on Justin Bieber and that I would be closely monitoring his Twitter. No reaction yet, at least not on his public account. And JB was papped yesterday, looking pretty relaxed and in good spirits in LA, apparently on his way to play golf. If he’s bothered he’s not showing it. In fact, it seems like he wanted to give the photographer a range of photos beyond “Justin Bieber walking with his headphones in”, even dabbing at one point for the camera.

JB’s had some time off the last few weeks. He doesn’t pick up his tour again for another month. The rest looks good on him. And so, even if Selena and Abel would have been something that bugged his ass, the timing of it going public is working out in his favour. He’s in the best headspace right now to handle it. When he’s tired and travelling from city to city and missing home and frustrated with road life, as we’ve all seen how he can be, he might not be taking it this well. Or maybe everyone’s learning from Chris Brown’s example of how pathetic you can look when you clearly can’t get over your ex – and can’t keep it to yourself.