This is what’s trending high on Twitter at the time of this post. Because of what Justin Bieber Instagrammed early this morning:


Taylor swift what up

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So he’s on Facetime with Kanye. And, given his relationship with Kanye and his wife’s family, and his history with Taylor who supposedly disapproved of him with Selena Gomez when they were together, it’s no surprise that JB’s on the West side.

And I love it. Not because I’m anti-Taylor Swift but because I’m pro-celebrity drama. Anytime they fight each other, we win. Gossip wins. For entertainment, mostly, but also for evidence. Remember, they’re the ones talking up and down and all around about how it’s the tabloids who make up the feuds, how it’s the gossip blogs fabricating rivalries when there are no rivalries to begin with.

Oh no?

Then how come they’re serving up the storylines themselves?

Justin Bieber has no business in what’s between Kanye and Taylor. He just made himself the f-cking business, inserting himself into a situation that was doing just fine without him. Because his petty ass couldn’t help itself. They’re all petty. None of them can help themselves. And no one stirs as much sh-t as the celebrities themselves.