Has he changed? Is he really sorry?

F-ck. I don’t care. All I’m hearing is his big boy voice. And the way his sweater’s hanging off of him on Ellen. And his hair, growing out, curling around his ears and his neck.

This is me on one side of the room saying…

Uhhhh… Justin Bieber got hot. Like if he was taller, he’d be Liam Hemsworth hot.

Bieber taped an appearance on Ellen for today’s show to wish her a happy birthday and also being his tour of contrition, acknowledging that he’s been a f-cking punk for the last year and a half or so. Is it just me or did he not do his lifted eyebrow thing, not even once?

He followed that up with a Facebook message to his fans, to explain his new attitude, calling himself “arrogant” and “conceited”.




So what’s this all about? This new and improved Justin Bieber? Legit? Or contrived? If so…for why?

Here’s my theory:

Nick Jonas.

Basically the same age. Breakout hit. Jealous is a HUGE hit. Jealous is a GREAT song. Jealous is arguably getting more play, and among adults, the demo that JB is reaching out to, than any Justin Bieber song ever. 

Competition is motivation.

Can we go back to talking about how hot he is now? Because the 20 year old me who is basically my inside voice totally would.