Remember when Zac Efron fangirled Leonardo DiCaprio on the sidelines of Lakers games, trying to be cool in his hero’s presence, dutifully absorbing what he could of the Leo aura? Back then Zac was LipGloss, flopping his hair around his forehead, before he graduated to a cleaner cut for grownups. Not unlike Justin Bieber who also had a shaggy style for a while before trimming it closer to the head, as if to say, now 18, that he’s finally a proper man. And, using Leo the Man’s playbook, Bieber appears to be using the runway as a target too.

JB performed at the Victoria’s Secret show the other night in New York. Word is he was all over the models, throwing down moves on several of them, anyone, who would give him their number. The way Page Six describes it is hilarious:

“Justin Bieber tried very hard to hit on the bodacious babes of the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, flirting and asking the models for their numbers during filming and at the after-party, sources tell us. According to several sources, Bieber was “asking for phone numbers from the girls” throughout taping of the show and at the party. “He was hitting on the girls all day,” added one witness. “He was asking for their numbers.”

All I can picture is a cross between Duckie Dale and David Silver.

BUT WHAT ABOUT SELENA??????????????????????????????

It’s almost been 2 years. We are way, way overdue. 

Here’s a brooding Bieber last night on Broadway for The Lion King. You know what else used to be on Broadway?

Why... yes. How did you guess?