Justin Bieber was pulled over last night for a minor infraction while driving his Ferrari in LA. Right before he was stopped by the cops he apparently Instagrammed a photo of the situation, which is exactly what I would do if my girlfriend just broke up with me and I wanted her to see that I didn’t miss her.


She doesn’t seem like she misses him as much as he misses her. Selena Gomez was in Texas today for the opening of Ryan Seacrest Studios at the Children’s Medical Centre of Dallas.

Remember when their breakup was initially reported last week it was said to be over “trust issues”? That Selena left JB because of “trust issues”? We all assumed she was the one trust issuing him. But according to Gossip Cop yesterday, Justin was apparently “very needy” and was always bitching about Selena not being there for him enough. Not surprising, really. This kid hasn’t heard “no” in a long, long time. Why should his girl be allowed to have her own life? Maybe the “trust issues” were on his side then. And still people seem convinced there will be at least one more makeup before another breakup. Sounds about right.

Yesterday I wrote that I’m not yet ready to post a Justin/Selena retrospective. Here’s my favourite email in response from a Mrs P on why a retrospective is premature:

Do NOT waste your time on a retrospective. They are far from over. My idiot 17 year old daughter has been breaking up with her idiot boyfriend for a year. Save your energy.