Selena Gomez went to the Vanity Fair Oscar party. Then Justin Bieber posted this on his Instagram:

“Most elegant princess in the world”

God that is gross. The wording is gross. That notion that women should be princesses in the minds of their lovers. And then there’s the public-ness of the grossness. But maybe JB is feeling nostalgic. After all, three years ago, they arrived together in red. Remember that? Vanity Fair was their prom. That was when I hoped for one more summer. One more young love summer, knowing that eventually it all comes to an end. Especially at that age, it ends…ugly…more often than not.

And now Rolling Stone is putting him on their new cover: Bad Boy.

The article exposes his bad behaviour: throwing money away on drugs, strippers, and excess. Indulgence, entitlement, and a bad influence of a father. The point is to tell us that this kid is troubled and imploding and on his way down.

The problem?

The visual.

This photo.

You think he minds?

This is how he wants to be seen: ripped, veined, more manly than baby. Put aside your disdain for him for a second and see this image objectively. He’s not 14 in this photo. He’s 20 now. And in this shot he actually looks 20. He looks like the kind of 20 year old that a 20 year old girl might be into.

So, to me, it defeats the purpose of their story. And it’s certainly not going to embarrass him. He wears BAD BOY like a prize. He might even tattoo this cover on his back.

As for Selena…

You know, Taylor Swift was at the Vanity Fair party too. And for some reason, there’s been no pictures of them together. She photoboothed herself with Ed Sheeran and Jaime King…and Selena must have been … in the bathroom?

Do you smell a lockout? Tricky, if so. Selena’s been in and out of rehab, reportedly as a result of JB’s influence. She gets locked out and she might feel like there’s nowhere else to go but back.