As of this writing, 12:15pm ET, “Jelena Is Back” is the #9 trending topic worldwide on Twitter. Jelena, of course, is Justin + Selena, and it’s because this is what Justin Bieber posted on Instagram last night.


Just a throwback calm down

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At first there was no caption. And people went batsh-t. But then JB clarified that it was a throwback. Which disappointed a lot of people, even Drake, who left a comment about hoping it was current and legit.

Still, there have been signs. There was the “My Girl” at the bar a couple of weeks ago just before the American Music Awards– click here for a refresher – and they’ve been talking almost wistfully about each other in interviews…

But yesterday there was a report that Selena’s been flirting with a hockey player called Tom Wilson who plays for the Washington Capitals. It was subsequently revealed that Wilson has a girlfriend. However, in addition to that throwback shot, JB also posted these photos of himself playing hockey:


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Coincidence or conspiracy?

Yeah, I see you JB. I never matured beyond high school so I know these moves.