Dear Gossips,

Thanks for all your emails and tweets and messages in response to our Oscar posts yesterday. Duana and I got yelled at a lot. You were mad at her about Naomi Watts (click here for a refresher) and you were mad at me about Olivias Munn and Wilde (click here and click here for those). Please keep sending your comments!

We were on the redeye back from LA to Toronto today and I’m right back in studio for The Social; I’ve not had a real sleep since Saturday so if I’m delirious and writing sh-t like Leo deserves everything, that’s the explanation. F-ck, are we still talking about him? The answer is yes.

But first, today is Justin Bieber’s 22nd birthday. A year ago he was getting roasted. This year he’s asking to be #1. What is that now, four hits in a row? That management team deserves a lot of credit. I couldn’t believe he didn’t go to the Vanity Fair Oscar party. Was it because he was too busy being humble and praying?


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Yours in gossip,