Justin Bieber and Sofia Richie have been spending a lot of time together. They were seen holding hands last week. And on Tuesday she was seen in pyjamas leaving his place in the morning. And yesterday they went for a hike and then flew out on a private jet together reportedly headed for Japan.

Sofia is a model. She’s 17, turns 18 in a couple of weeks. Her dad is Lionel Richie. In June she was seen holding hands with Samir Nasri, 28, a French soccer player. I think she looks a little like Selena Gomez, do you?



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Anyway, the question now is whether or not she and JB are dating. Or whether or not she is his new Hailey Baldwin, taking over from her on his Instagram. So far Sofia hasn’t showed up on JB’s Insta but he did post several videos of himself playing hockey yesterday before getting on his flight.


Came up that's all me

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Watching guys play hockey is a thing for me. Maybe because I was born and raised in Canada. Jacek played hockey all through his youth. And he was really good. When we were first together, one of the biggest turn-ons was seeing him skate. He is a beautiful skater. He has a really sexy stride. He also has a nice gait. I’ve written about gait a lot on this blog. How Brad Pitt has a great gait. How Leonardo DiCaprio has a terrible gait. Leo is not a hot walker. And neither is Justin Bieber. Does a hot gait pre-determine a hot skate? I will research.