Her name is Yovanna Ventura. A model? Come ON. Is that her real name? They went for lunch together in LA yesterday. She’s 18. He’s 20. As for the nature of their relationship…

Well, if we’re basing it on social media, I’d say it’s definitely more than friends. Yovanna has been permitted to show pictures with him on her Instagram:

That just happened in the last two days. But three days ago, she posted this message:

Does that mean they had sex?

As for JB, he’s been using his Shots account to send his messages. Note the placement of her hands:

And this shot was posted with the simple message “sleepy”. Yeah. Together?

What’s the point?

Maybe he just invested in Shots. And, at the same time, maybe it’s not so much for us as it is for Selena Gomez. S, you can’t go back now after this.