New York last night – the premiere of Monte Carlo, starring Selena Gomez, Katie Cassidy, and an absent Leighton Meester she disassociating herself from this movie?

Then again, who needs Leighton when the Bieber is around? He turned up at the MMVAs on Sunday to support his girl. And he turned up last night once again to give his girl’s movie a little publicity boost. Conveniently Justin has been in NYC to promote his own fragrance Someday. Come on. You HAVE to laugh. They’re coordinating work schedules!

It was a dramatic day for the Biebs; there was some kind of security incident in the afternoon that sent everyone into a full scale panic. Jesus. The internets lit up. We were in the studio and we had to update the show. I screamed at the top of my lungs and ran a lap around our etalk set as soon as I heard the news. Thanks-fully, Bieber recovered in time for the carpet. Of course he did.

You know why?

Because according to OK! Magazine, Justin told Selena “she’s the One”.

Because a 17 year old telling his gf “she’s the One” should be weighted the same as when a 30 year old says it to his fiancée. What happened to perspective???

Well, why don’t you ask the Seniors for Bieber. They were in the audience at The View the other day during Justin’s visit. Held up signs, like willingly identifying themselves. That’s actually a good Would You Rather: be seen on national television as a Senior for Bieber or ... work for Ebola Paris Hilton?

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