My friends and I are still all over this Bieber romance. It’s fascinating, like a science experiment. Teenagers are excellent case studies.

Anyway, as reported yesterday, Justin Bieber, after their Hawaiin love tour, has taken Selena Gomez back to his hometown Stratford, Ontario. Yesterday they hit up a Swiss Chalet – click here for a refresher. There was also a trip to the mall, because every date at that age involves the mall, come on, and he played ball with his boys though I’m not sure if she twirled her hair while watching, and then they were photographed leaving a local hotel, because of course if you can afford it, that’s way better than making out in the basement, and finally, there was also a visit to his grandparents.


She’s met the grandparents.

Like Duana said yesterday, let’s hope Selena’s had her Depo shot.

Yesterday during the liveblog, several people were yelling and screaming about how gross this relationship is because Selena, who is a year older, is a pedophile. Errrmmmm...

I think it’s a little bit of a loser move for an 18 year old to be with a 16/17 year old, totally, but I’m not sure it qualifies as offside perversion.

And besides, as Duana once argued, when it comes to Selena – look at her – who will forever appear and behave like she’s underage, she kinda has no choice but to stay in this age range anyway. Here’s an example: Kristen Stewart was almost 19 when she and Robert Pattinson hooked up. He was 23 or so at the time. Selena is almost 19. Can you imagine her with an almost 23 year old? You’d call HIM a pedophile then, wouldn’t you?

So you see, Selena, she can’t help but love below 18. Until she herself actually becomes something other than a teddy bear, Bieber’s actually perfect.

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