Well this shouldn’t be a surprise. Justin Bieber for Calvin Klein, officially. I mean he’s been Instagramming it for months. A lot of you have a lot to say about this. Gross. Nasty. Sick. Vile. Some people are comparing JB’s cK ads unfavourably to Marky Mark’s. Remember Marky Mark’s?

Punk douchebag racist who picks fights…

It applies to BOTH of them. So, how is this not the same? How is one worse than the other?

Because you watched Justin Bieber grow up, I get it. Because you’ve seen him behave like a baby asshole. When Marky Mark was a baby asshole he was throwing rocks at black people and beating up Vietnamese men. Oh and by the way, JB has his predecessor’s approval:


Marky Mark never did it for me. But these shots of JB?


You can’t admit it. You won’t admit it. I received an email yesterday from a very regular, very reasonable reader (don’t worry, I won’t out you!) with the JB cK image attached and this simple message:

“i won't tell you, because...
but i hate myself”


Because, come on, he’s hot. Separate what you know about him and just look at the image. If you were 20 years old all over again, a straight girl or a gay man, you’d be all over that. Judge me!