In the latest installment of James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke, Justin Bieber comes along for the ride. No, nothing will ever be better than Mimi glittering all over James’s vehicle as he plays hit after hit – HER  hits, obviously – but this interview format, side by side, with music, driving around Los Angeles, is really effective. Is it because you don’t have to look at each other? My friend Traci Melchor has twins, now 10 and a half. And she’s been saying that for the last couple of years, she gets the most information out of her kids when she’s driving them around. It’s specifically because of the eye contact. And it’s not just the children. Haven’t you had some of the most insightful and sometimes challenging conversations with family and friends in a car? On a long road trip? There’s a safety to the environment that yields a lot of intimacy, that lends itself to confidentiality. Which is how James Corden can straight up ask Justin Bieber if he f-cks to his own music. And tell him that his “fondue” lyric is stupid. And in the process, JB comes off really, really cute.


You would totally share fries on the console with him.

Oh and another thing about the car? Everyone looks good dancing in the car. It’s the legs that get you into trouble, you know? You take the legs out of the picture and we’re all equal.

Here’s JB leaving the gym with Jayde Pierce, his rumoured new girlfriend. Parents? Jayde is not the name. Please don’t.