Justin Bieber was on Ellen last week to show you that he’s not a dick anymore. Then he posted another “I’m sorry” video on Instagram calling himself “arrogant and conceited”. Because, as I surmised at the time (click here for a refresher), everybody loves Nick Jonas’s Jealous.

Looks like JB isn’t done. This week he’s back on Ellen. Still sorry, still explaining why he explained that he’s sorry, and playing the humming game with a fan. He also promised that he’d be back on her show next week.

I thought initially that JB’s Tour Of Contrition was only stopping at Ellen. I was wrong. On today’s episode of The Doctors (I’ve never heard of this show), JB surprises a young girl who was seriously injured in a home explosion and kisses her on the cheek.

All this as the music industry gathers on the weekend for the Grammy Awards, an award that he wants desperately. At this point, he’d probably be happy about a nomination. Remember when he wasn’t nominated and he and Scooter Braun threw down matching hissies?