It’s an important day in every child star’s life – the mugshot…and we get two of them!

He’s smiling in the straight-on shot. But he gave us a pout in the side angle too. I was worried we wouldn’t see JB’s signature facial expression.

You think someone told him to smile? Because this is the photo you’re going to see a hundred times today around the world. So the face he’s presenting to us is much more sympathetic than it would be had he scowled. The eyes are glassy as f-ck, totally. But the stronger connection is in the grin – here’s the kid who took over YouTube, who’s been charming them since he was 14, who believes in God, and was supposed to be good, in the hopes that every mom around the world sees her own little boy in that expression. And therefore…sympathy?

Here’s an email I just received from Erin:

Hi Lainey,
I am wondering why you have written on Justin Bieber's DUI, arrest, etc....what hasn't he done...when your policy is not to post sad smut. I think addiction, a young lost man that was once sweet, giving and kind to children's charities is sad smut. He has fallen fast in the last year. I am not a young fan, just a middle aged woman sad to see him fall apart. He is the age of my nephew.


There are more, I’m sure, who feel like Erin. As for me – this is not Sad Smut, at least not yet. As for whether or not he’s addicted… I mean, it’s always a possibility but there are a lot of possibilities.

How about good, old-fashioned entitlement, is that a possibility?

How about he’s a spoiled bratty punk who hasn’t been denied in 5 years, his formative years, and has turned into a f-cking asshole, is that a possibility?

How about he has no respect for anyone else because fame has corrupted his soul, is that a possibility?

How about fame has made him not a very good person anymore, is that a possibility?

Isn’t that a MORE LIKELY possibility than addiction?

No? OK well then I’m just a c-nt. And I just came out that way.

PS. JB has hijacked my day. Several hits have been added to my schedule on the TV side to report on the story which is why the site has been light today. Right now I head into rehearsal for The Social before the live show and then I go straight to etalk afterwards. I’m trying to write as fast and as much as I can on my phone and Duana and Dean are coming in with new posts soon too. I apologise for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.