Justin Bieber opened the iHeartRadio Music Awards in LA last night which is why he wasn’t in Canada at the JUNOs. But he won the Fan Choice Award at the JUNOs. So he sent a message. Of thanks? I’m not sure. Watch the video:

What happens after that is that the audience booed him. It was audible. And… do you blame them? I can’t blame them. How is it a proper thank you when it happens during a workout? Oh, here I am with my boxing trainer… wait a second, let me just toss off this thing for the JUNOS because it means so little to me I can’t be bothered to set aside a dedicated block of time. And then as soon as it’s over, I’ll run away off camera to go back to what’s more important – messing around with my friends.

It’s a throwaway. And many saw it as disrespectful. And I’m not sure I can argue with that. I mean a year ago, he was apologising up and down for being a sh-t. Then he’s forgiven and comes out with a great album and now… has he gone back to being a sh-t? Or is he just a sh-t to Canadians because sh-tting on us doesn’t carry much consequence? Like would he have done this for the Grammys? Or would he have taped a proper acceptance instead of sandwiching it in between punches?