Hockey season started yesterday. And the MLB playoffs are underway. But it was Justin Bieber’s dick that dominated the discussion on Wednesday. At least it did on the internet, where I live.

JB was in Bora Bora a few days ago with his maybe girlfriend Jayde Pierce. He decided to walk around naked. So now we know what his cock looks like. A lot of people are calling it a goodlooking cock.

Good Lord, Justin Bieber has a really beautiful penis” was one of the headlines. No penis, to me, is ever “really beautiful”. In general, I don’t find it all that attractive. Having said that, because of incidents like this…

…the assumption has always been that he’s a whiny baby so, naturally, he must be sized like a thimble. And these shots confirm that, well, he’s not a thimble. Jacek, however, is convinced that he either jerked it or just had sex because this, obviously, is a semi.

JB has yet to comment on his dick pics. Here he is out with Hailey Baldwin yesterday in Beverly Hills. But is this wrong? Are we wrong to “violate” JB’s penis? Are we objectifying Justin Bieber’s half erect chubby?

To me, it depends on whether or not you think men’s bodies are weaponised against them the way a woman’s nudity can be used to hurt her. The reaction to the release of these photos probably answers that question. Because there’s no question: JB’s career and reputation will NOT be harmed by this incident. Were it a girl of similar age and status though, totally different story. Think of the way people talk about Miley Cyrus and she’s voluntarily thrusting her nakedness and sexuality in your face. She’s in control of it. She’s determining it. The word they use for her, you think they’ll apply the same word to him? Of course not.

The consequence of objectification is that the subject ceases to be anything more than their body. And in the public arena, that results in professional limitation and an overall disregard of talent and ability. You think that’s going to happen to Justin Bieber?

By the way, Justin Bieber’s new album is coming out in a month. This is his jump from teen star to adult musician. He’s already broken through with two major hits this year. The album will advance the momentum he’s generated so far. And now, to go along with that soundtrack, grown ass women and men and looking at the manifestation of his manhood…

I’m not sure, then, how this could be seen as a limit to Justin Bieber. And, come on, he might complain about it publicly but do you really, really think he minds?

Click here to see the censored shots. I’ve already given you a link above to the uncensored ones.