8 is the luckiest number in Chinese culture. I mean, certain people have luckier numbers than others (like for some reason Jacek has to be all contrary and 4s seem to work out well for him even though 4s are generally not lucky) but we Chinese, we love the 8. And 88? That’s double the luck, double the happiness, double the money!

It’s the 88th anniversary of the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. To celebrate, Justin Lin, Zhao Wei, and Huang Xiaoming were honoured with a hand and footprint ceremony yesterday. Lin, as you know, is from the Fast and Furiouses and, now, Star Trek 3, which he’s currently working on in Vancouver. Zhao Wei has been one of the most popular and bankable actors in Asia, and she recently directed her first movie – it was a big ass deal. As for Huang Xiaoming, many Asians consider him to be one of the most beautiful men of all time. My ma showed me an article once that proclaimed him the face of a generation. I’ve never seen it. A face like Nicholas Tse’s is more my flavour. But anyway, the best thing about Huang Xiaoming? His wife.

Her name is Angelababy. This is what she calls herself. ANGELABABY. God, my people are amazing.


You know why the ceremony had to happen yesterday but definitely not today? Today is the 26th anniversary of June 4, the Tiananmen Square massacre. Which no one is really allowed to talk about over in China where oppression and censorship are still standard. Hollywood is all about freedom of expression…most of the time. But right now, there’s no rich like China Rich. And Hollywood is relying more and more on the China Rich.