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Jennifer Aniston attended the Lifetime screening of Five last night in New York. Her boyfriend Justin Theroux escorted her to the event. Am really enjoying tracking his hot progress. She’s making him hotter and hotter, right? Even though, as many of you keep noting, he won’t let her stand under his umbrella? When it rains more than ever, will they know they still have each other?

Please. I can’t get it out of my head now either. We used to play that jam over and over again, summer 2007. Whatever. Justin is hot. And please, can we stop accusing her of being pregnant every other week?

Let’s focus instead on pronouncing his name.

On etalk they keep correcting me about the pronunciation of his name.

Theroux is supposed to be pronounced, according to its etymology, “Thuh-ROO”. (Actually “tay-roo” because the “th” in French is a hard “T” but, you know.)

Where Justin is concerned however, for some reason, I’m being told to say, “Thuh-ROW”. Like Henry David Thoreau?

But... “-EAU” does indeed sound like “OH” while “-OUX” is actually like “(W)OOOO”.

Unless of course that’s not the way his family has decided it to be. Like the same way Lindsay Lohan at one point insisted that her last name be pronounced “LOWEN”. I guess it’s entirely up to them. It’s their name, they can do with it what they want.

Errrmm... apparently Justin’s uncle is writer Paul Theroux. Paul Theroux is the father of bad-ass documentarian Louis Theroux. Louis pronounces it “THUH-ROO”. Louis however works primarily in Europe. Does Justin do it differently because he’s American? Or has everyone just been pronouncing his name wrong all along? This is a job for the know-it-all! Find me the video where he pronounces his own name!

And PS. Fine if he wants to adopt his own pronunciation for his own name but then does he get to claim French ancestry??? And why would you pronounce your name differently if your other family members do it properly???