Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston got married last month. Guess what? He’s doing press now for season 2 of The Leftovers, premiering on HBO and HBO Canada on October 4. Convenient!

As expected, he’s being asked about the wedding and the honeymoon and their friends joining them in Bora Bora. Why? Because it was more fun that way. I kind of agree. Like if I had that kind of money, hanging out with all my friends at a resort? Not having to worry about my luggage getting lost on the way home? And having to pay for all the excursions and meals for the next six months?

Anyway, JT, but not John Travolta, ahem, was also asked about whether or not Jen would be changing her last name. She actually changed it for Brad Pitt. I remember she even had letterhead made as Jennifer Pitt. Justin says he doesn’t think it’s a good idea, because people will still just end up calling her Jennifer Aniston anyway. She’s a brand after all. Now they’re a brand together. I’m telling you, this is a great partnership. She’s found a true partner.