You know what I’ve been talking about a lot the last couple of days? Justin Theroux’s penis. My friend N brought it up first after watching The Leftovers. He runs in every episode. And when he’s running, it’s right there. Like, right there. I swear we’re not being pervs about it. We’re not going out of our way to look at it. It’s going out of its way to look at us. Anyway, that became the discussion for the afternoon yesterday. Polling people who watch The Leftovers and asking them if Justin’s dick has become a character on the show.

Anyway, The Leftovers is on HBO. And HBO had a party after the Emmys. So, being a company man, he had to go. And US Weekly says he went without Jennifer Aniston and had a great time. OK. Is that supposed to be a thing? Would it mean he loves her more if he spent the whole time moping? Maybe she’s just not that good at a party. I go to parties most of the time without Jacek. Parties aren’t his thing. He’s the Aniston in the relationship. I’m going to tell him that.