Shelf Ass has Pip by the undropped balls. Making up for his closeness with Cam last week and the rather unflattering comments to the UK Mirror, JT has submitted to the dreaded PDA photo opp. And as you can see, someone can’t hide her smug.

Handholding in Oslo, nuzzling on a boat – Justin and Jessica gave it up for the pappies. As I often say, you can’t assume much, if anything, from photos but still it’s fun frivolity – to me at least it looks like she’s way more into it than he. Thoughts?

All this for a little action.  But for all his ego posturing, now a music mogul, and in his own eyes an endorsement juggernaut, for all his conceit, a horny Pipsqueak still can"t master the Art of the Booty Call.

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