Pippy the superhero?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at July 10, 2009 08:02:00 July 10, 2009 08:02:00

Hollywood f-cking shenigans…

I don’t understand why they haven’t already offered this to Bradley Cooper. Instead, he’s one of three on the shortlist, alongside Ryan Reynolds and … Pipsqueak Justin Timberlake!

His balls haven’t fully dropped and he’s supposed to convince us he can fight danger and save the world?



Ryan Reynolds is already Deadpool. It’s called a conflict of interest.

But apparently not.

Others who auditioned for the Green Lantern role include Jared Leto (has-been) and Henry Cavill. Yum. Very promising.

If it were up to me it’d be between Cavill and Coop.

As for the Pipple’s chances…

Well obviously he has a built in following, guaranteed money. But the Pips can’t act. The Pip can do sketch comedy on SNL great but he can’t f-cking act. And he’s also not believable as a MAN. The Pip’s strengths are recording and producing and performing. He’s wonderfully skilled at all these things. Amazingly talented. But that ego, it’s that ego that leads him here. That ego thinks Justin Timberlake can be an actor. Not unlike Madonna’s ego and the humiliation that ensued when she attempted the same.

But, fueled by the success of his appearances on Saturday Night Live, Pipsqueak thinks he can do much more. All of a sudden, Pipsqueak thinks he can do it better than Bradley Cooper.

And a few idiot studio executives are actually considering it.

I hate people.

Thoughts on Green Lantern? Check the poll.

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