The Hollywood Foreign Press Association. They are feeding Pippy’s ego and worse, they are giving him encouragement to keep acting.

If you’ve ever seen him in a movie, from Alpha Dog to Edison to Black Snake Moan to The Love Guru, well you know. You know that encouraging him to keep acting is a disservice to the world.

But Justin Timberlake wants to conquer it. He is focusing all his energy on it. He has put music aside for it. And now the HPFA has invited him to announce the Golden Globe nominations on Tuesday alongside real actors John Krasinski and Diane Kruger.

…the f-ck?

Pip’s inclusion is even more ludicrous than Jessica Biel’s a few years ago. But he’ll take it as a sign that he should keep trying. We are the ones who will suffer.

By the way…what’s Shelfy doing? Well JT will almost certainly be invited to attend the Globe ceremony. She’s now begging to tag along with him.

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