He’s not my favourite but at the very least, he’s gotten over the Cry Me a River, which certainly demonstrates mild maturation. Kind words for both his high profile exes – I’m all over it.

First in that interview with British GQ, the same one in which the little ingrate decided to rag on McDonalds, Justin referenced the end of his relationship with Cameron Diaz and said that he took exception to people criticizing her, claiming he would throw down if she was shown any disrespect. And while I’m not so sure anyone anywhere is intimidated by Pip throwing down, the sentiment is admirable. Me likey.

Me likey even more his recent statement about Britney Spears during promo for Shrek, confirming that he did indeed make contact to wish her well:
"I called her because I worried about her. She"s a great woman. I"m rooting for her. [It] seems like she"s getting everything under control now."

Now he probably still wants nothing to do with her – remember, he’s THE Justin Timberlake, right??? e puts his pants on one leg at a time and when his pants are on, he makes gold records! (seriously, it’s the best of Will Ferrell and Christopher Walken on SNL, if you haven’t seen it, you MUST) – I think it’s lovely that he’s not openly laughing at her. Or mocking at her. Openly at least.

So Pip is being a gentleman. Yay Pip.

PS. They were SOOOO cute, non? I miss them. I miss them!