Pipsqueak & the ball drop

Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 20, 2006 12:00:00 September 20, 2006 12:00:00
A manly man new album and a campaign to erase the boyband era - it"s the Hollywood equivalent of a testosterone shot to finally lower those adolescent balls and in Justin Timberlake"s case to get rid of that pipsqueak once and for all. Too bad his bad ass rampage looks more like a 5 year old temper and… um… was giggling the desired reaction to what"s supposed to be "rage" in those attack-mode eyes??? Check out JT with Cam, arriving at a party last night when a photographer tried snapping photos. Upon seeing the pappy, JT apparently flew into steroid-like monkey tantrum and "had to be restrained" from causing serious damage. Are you still giggling??? And here"s the thing with Justin and those like him, who are suddenly so photo-phobic, who conveniently pimp the gossip media when it suits and shun it when it"s "intrusive". Cameron Diaz makes $20 million a movie… do you really think it"s because she"s the most impressive actress of our generation? Or is it because we want to see what she"s wearing? Has Justin Timberlake made a career out of timeless music or has he made a career out of making girls squeal? The same girls who buy magazines, the same girls who want to know who he"s dating, the same girls who support all 15 of his luxury vehicles, his clothing line, the diamonds in his ears, the trips to Hawaii, the bodyguards, the entourage… the sweet frickin" LIFE he"s living. So you know what you little bitch? Quit squealing like a whiny baby and suck it up for a change. This is Hollywood. You sell for a living… savvy? Oh ...but wait… is this what you"re selling? The little guy grows up and gets all hunky macho, look mommy - me punch punch bad guy…poo poo! Ah yes… that MUST be what it is. JT thinks himself a real man. It"s the subliminal message of the day. Photos from https://www.x17online.com/

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