Pippy’s apology: too little, too late

Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 8, 2009 11:19:58 December 8, 2009 11:19:58

At least it is for me.

Entertainment Weekly has named its 15 Entertainers of the Decade. Justin Timberlake made the list. And so he should have. From N Sync to solo, Pip’s music and musical growth is undeniably impressive. His personal growth on the other hand, his evolution from Pipsqueak to Man, well that is up for debate.

According to EW:

With the decade drawing to a close, it appears Justin Timerlake is feeling somewhat remorseful about his after-antics following the much publicized Janet Jackson ‘wardrobe malfunction’ at the Superbowl 2004. When asked recently by Entertainment Weekly what his biggest regret of the decade was, Timberlake, 28, said:

“I wish I had supported Janet more (during the 2004 wardrobe malfunction Super Bowl controversy). I’m not sorry I apologized, but I wish I had been there more for Janet."

Some people are all like – oh he’s so nice, he’s finally humble enough to acknowledge he was a weak ass pussy for selling her out and leaving her out to dry during Nipplegate.

But I’m a petty unforgiving bitch. So no. That’s not my interpretation at all. After all, does it really take courage to reach out to one you’ve wronged when you’re standing on top of the mountain, the new prince of pop, more successful than ever? At this point, what does he have to lose?

And now... while her career is on the wane, his potential appears to be limitless. Is it really all that magnanimous to be throwing it back in her face that he should have been a better friend on the occasion of his being crowned one of the BEST OF THE DECADE. Think about that. He’s the blonde king of entertainment, being feted by an entire industry, and meanwhile she is hustling it like a motherf-cker just to get people to buy her greatest hits album.

Really Justin? This is class?

This is not class. This is cowardice.

Credit him for a great career. Credit him for producing and songwriting and his talent. But don’t credit this bitch for being generous of spirit and humble. It’s too late for that. Too little, too late, and his balls STILL haven’t dropped.

Attached – Justin on set on Thursday.

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