I’m told she had a pretty serious boyfriend as of December and they were still together at Christmas but apparently Alyssa Milano was with Justin Timberlake in Vegas just before the weekend, along with his mother and Eva Longoria, partying in his private suite with a basketball court. As you recall, JT hooked up with Milano shortly after breaking up with Britney - a shortlived romance punctuated by a few “walk of shame” morning photos before he supposedly called it off because of age. Rumour has it, at the time, Alyssa was pretty choked, especially since he ended up getting so serious with Cam a while later…which begs the question: Is Alyssa Milano Pipsqueak’s Rebound Girl? And if so, wouldn’t you recommend a little more self worth? Killing time for George Clooney I can support. But getting used and tossed between girlfriends by squeaky Pip - for the attractive and deliciously sexy Alyssa Milano… if you ask me I think it’s more than a little degrading. Source