I have some bad news for those of you who read and loved Emma Forrest’s Your Voice In My Head. Click here for my review. And here to access previous articles about my favourite book of 2011.

Don’t proceed with this article if you’re enjoying the start to the week so far. It ruined my whole weekend.



Justin Timberlake is being considered to be in the movie. David Yates sent him the script. Nothing’s been signed but I’m told that the interest is strong. Very strong. On both sides. In Time has made $150 million worldwide. Despite the fact that it didn’t do much in North America, they consider that a success. JT also doesn’t come with a massive pay demand comparatively. At least not yet. So. Warner Bros wants him.

Is he the Gypsy Husband to Emma Watson’s Emma Forrest? Can Justin Timberlake play the complicated Colin Farrell? Does Justin Timberlake have the skill? Can Justin Timberlake even understand the emotional environment of a man who attempts to fill his lonely spaces by throwing himself into love...and making babies?  

Again, there’s been no confirmation yet. But right now he’s top of the list.

God I don’t understand the world.