Oh for the love of the manly man, give me a frickin’ break. Check out Justin Timberlake on the cover of the latest Rolling Stone doing his best to convince us the Goddess finally untied the jewels. And while his look does nothing for my own loins, I can appreciate the aesthetic appeal for others, especially my girl Shannon F who desperately loves his SexyBack. But as we all know, a deliciously narrow waist with a delicious trail down under isn’t everything. And for me, when you combine that nasal shrill with the boo hoo hoo expressed in the accompanying interview, it’s probably the most un-horny combination ever, which is why he’ll always be Pipsqueak to me. Justin Timberlake on why he was unhappy with his last Rolling Stone cover and the success of his first solo album: “That Rolling Stone coverline bothered me so bad….I felt it meant I still wasn"t being taken seriously, that I was being stereotyped just like I had before. They end of year Best Of... lists didn"t help, either. Pop Album of the Year here. Pop Album of the Year there. I couldn"t understand why people couldn"t hear that I was doing R+B.” Ah yes – the classic Bite of the Hand That Feeds You. Pearls of wisdom inherited from Cam, no doubt? Remember, she won’t sign autographs and she doesn’t like it when you take her picture, even though her commanding salary that results from public interest punches in at a whopping $15 million per project. Being ungrateful is just SO attractive, non?