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Lainey Posted by Lainey at May 16, 2007 00:00:00 May 16, 2007 00:00:00

Many of you emailed yesterday, noting that the girl with Justin Timberlake in the UK looked more like Rachel Stevens than Jessica Biel, as identified by British gossips.

Have a look - more photos attached, the face is still not clear but that shelf ass is unmistakable, gossips…it’s Jessica Biel. Also loved the description in today’s Mirror about the two of them all over each other in the lobby of a hotel in Manchester the other night. Apparently Pip would go in for a kiss and cuddle up and throw peanuts up in the air and catch them with his mouth and Jessica would lose her mind:

“Jess was whooping and clapping and loving it.”

Like…does it get any more groupy? Picture it: Jessica Biel, A List for no reason, hanging off of Pip’s every word, nodding along, enchanted by his Pipness, squealing when he says good morning, awed by his profundity when he says he’s hungry – she is his biggest fan. And so she should be. After all, she’s riding his jock to the top.

But still… I’m clearly not the only one who thinks that Pippy’s balls haven’t dropped. Don’t know who the hell Sallie Toussaint is and don’t much care but she does speak the truth.

About the incident with Janet Jackson and the wardrobe malfunction:

"I would definitely not date a guy like [Timberlake]! Bringing sexy back? Why doesn"t he bring his balls back? After the Janet [Jackson] thing where he didn"t step up, I stopped liking him. He could have helped tremendously by just being a man, but he didn"t. He ripped her top and ran. Timberwuss is quite the fairy. He needs to man up!"

Bring his balls back? Timberwuss needs to man up?

Love this bitch, don’t you?

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