Jessica Biel goes to the gym, stretches outside – photographers present. Jessica Biel walking her dog – photographers present. Jessica Biel going to church – photographers present. Jessica Biel attending an event for Barack Obama – OF COURSE photographers were present! And she looked great, didn’t she?

Textbook “subtle” famewhoring – girl has put on a clinic. As such, her publicist should be getting much, much, much more than 25%. MUCH.

I especially love the clever use of props – in this case some lady, tightly gripping her hand and leading her to safety. Because Jessica Biel is always in danger of a dangerous paparazzi crush, right? Amidst all the other luminaries that had to have been present for Obama, Jessica Biel, the Jessica Biel best known for maybe dating Justin Timberlake and little else, the Jessica Biel who can’t carry on a project solo, Jessica Biel the tv girl in line behind Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel required this level of security and behind the scenes handling?

I’m telling you, her rep is a genius.