Who’s the little Shelfy pouting in the corner? There’s the little Shelfy who needs more attention. Poor little petulant Shelfy has spent weeks off the headlines. That’s why the little Shelfy is stomping her feet. And putting her publicist right back to work.

You see, Shelf Ass Jessica Biel has been stuck on a movie set with Jake Gyllenhaal who apparently read her the riot act, telling her in no uncertain terms that she was not to pull her usual paparazzi shenanigans and arrange “candids” from the set of their movie Nailed which has been filming over the last several weeks and recently shut down production reportedly from lack of funding.

As such, not wanting to piss off Jakey and especially not Reese, given she’d miraculously landed a plum part on a hyped project, Shelfy held her ass back and called off photographers.

Now that she’s not working however, Shelfy is hungry to get back on the famehorse. Problem is … no one gives a sh*t about her unless the item is somehow related to the Pip. Have a read then at the following article that just appeared in OK! about the two of them in Miami last Friday:

“…the lovebirds couldn’t keep their hands off each other!

“They were showing a lot of PDA!” the eyewitness tells OK!. “It was a lot – considering how coy most celebrity couples are.”

Dressed in casually – she in a breezy ethnic blouse and short skirt; he, jeans and T-shirt – the couple of nearly a year and a half engaged in a marathon of hugging, French kissing, hand-holding, dancing, singing, and gazing into each others’ eyes, the source adds.

”You couldn’t tell them apart,” the source says. “They only had eyes for each other. They told friends they just wanted to have fun that night – no photos, no media, just a private table where they could let loose.”

And apparently that they did.

By the time J&J exited SET – hand-in-hand, of course – at 3:30 a.m., they were still as giddy as ever.

Shelfy’s back! Just in time for summer!

Between her relentless attention grabs and Granny Freeze pimping her own pregnancy… famewhoring will be an Olympic event by the time Beijing rolls around. Let the games begin.

File photo from Wenn.com