Many of you attended the Justin Timberlake concert in Toronto the other day coming out with differing opinions. KW said he was supertalented, playing piano, guitar, amazing stage presence, really knows how to work it. She also said however that he didn’t seem very original…using the same banter with the audience that he does at every show ie. “Kids, don’t try this at home” – lame line but maybe I’m just biased? I probably am. Then there’s RC’s account of a pregnant Pilates instructor’s encounter with Pipsqueak at Stillwater. The woman introduced herself, he was attended by security, she told him she was going to his show that night, and he didn’t crack a smile – thanked her but made her feel like if she wasn’t with child, he may have been more interested. It must be annoying though to be approached by fans all the time, when you think they want a piece of you, even if they’ve paid a lot of money to see you in action, right? Perhaps he was mentally prepping for his gig, wrapped up in the “artist zone”, not able to connect for fear of losing focus? Yes that must be it….poor Pippy. Finally, photos and description courtesy of JK who had floor seating at a whopping $190, right up to the stage, and remarked that despite her initial excitement, she found his “arrogance” off-putting. He also didn’t bother to acknowledge fans up close, grab their hands, unlike (in her past experience) Miss Mariah when she came to the ACC, or Bono, or Foo Fighters, or Coldplay. Which is why JT was booed by those close up at one point? But maybe he was too into his music? Or thinking of Biel’s ass? Or concentrating too much on giving a stellar performance to be remember to be warm? Or worrying about going bald? Probably just the angle, right? Yes that must be it…poor Pippy. Thank Goddess for Pink who by all accounts tore off the roof. And a great body too. Anyway, if you were there…drop me a line. Let me know if JT rocked your world and if there was evidence of any testicular presence.