Some important person in Hollywood was married Saturday night and the wedding brought out some young heavy hitters including an Olsen, a Speedman, a Pipqueak, and a Shelf Ass.

Here are Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel on their way out of the reception. As you can see from Shelfy’s smug ass expression, someone is very, very, very happy to be greeted by the paps. This outing of course publicly reaffirms her cling grip on his tethered balls. She has every reason to gloat.

But she stinks of herm, non? Something about her legs, about the way her feet fit into her shoes, her gait, her shoulders… no wonder Pippy looks so emasculated. Even Lennox Lewis would look emasculated, although curiously enough, Pip’s hot factor increases exponentially when he’s around Madonna. Especially in the video to 4 Minutes to Save the World.

Why is that you think?

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