Pippy Le Pew is currently starring in a box office bomb. Annihilated by critics and passed over by the public, The Love Guru is expected to drop steeply in just its second weekend. Justin Timberlake, although he refuses to take ownership, is still smarting from the failure.

His Shelf Ass meanwhile is also suffering a setback. She’d been shooting Nailed with Jake Gyllenhaal but the production has since been shut down for a 4th time because of funding issues. Some are saying the film may never be completed which is no sweat for Jakey who has no shortage of prestige projects on the go but for someone Jessica Biel… suffice to say she won’t be able to take this in stride. Having hustled so hard, having pimped herself to the paps so relentlessly, having exploited her relationship with the Pipster so gratuitously, Shelfy was starting to see some results. She was landing some coveted roles.

And now this.

So it’s back to work, isn’t it? Both Pipsqueak and Shelf Ass back to work in front of photographers, saving face from their latest embarrassments, walking her one dog that ate the other, holding hands and not seeming to mind… at all. A remarkable departure from the usual JT we see in front of cameras: sullen, uncooperative, bitchy, and whinging. Paparazzi are unwelcome but only when it’s convenient. Ball-less little twerp.